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Testimonials of Students and Colleagues

“To play without passion is inexcusable!”

Ludwig van Beethoven

“Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine.”

Ludwig van Beethoven

Testimonials of Students and Colleagues

"Lisa was about to give up the piano when one of our friends recommended Elina. She said you won't regret it.' After our first meeting with Elina Lisa's attitude towards music and piano lessons completely changed. She started to practice and could not wait until her next lesson. In a year she progressed tremendously and won an award at the National Piano Playing Auditions of the American College of Musicians. Currently, Lisa still remains enthusiastic about playing the piano. Thank you Elina for your hard work, dedication, and love for your students and music."

Laura Edwards,

Lisa's mother,

Erie, PA

"Elina is an exceptional pianist with a high degree of professionalism and musicianship."

 Sam Rotman,

Director of the D'Angelo School of Music,

Erie, PA

"Elina is a real creator at the piano. Her music has a soul, it's breathing, it is alive."

Ekaterina Murina,

St. Petersburg Conservatory,

St. Petersburg, Russia

"I have had the opportunity to enjoy Elina's music in many concerts and I must say that she is the single most talented pianist in the area. Elina plays with great passion and sensitivity."

"Elina is a talented and gifted pianist. She plays with a great inspiration and energy. She produces beautiful, singing tone. The sound of the whole orchestra comes from under her fingers. She demonstrates skills of a very high caliber. Her performance swamps you with its spontaneous power, lyricism, deep meaning, and feeling. She is one of the best musicians I know."

Sergey Kosulin, Conductor,

Moscow, Russia

"Mrs. Elina is the greatest teacher I've ever had. Each of her lessons is unique. In just one year I've learned from her much more than from all my previous piano teacher during nearly 10 years."

Michelle Morris,


"Ms. Elina is a truly exceptional teacher. Her patience and passion serve the students well. We feel lucky to have found her these many years ago!"

Annastasia, Max & Zophia's Mother

"Elina is an amazing teacher. If you really want to play piano, Elina is best teacher to learn from. "

Susan, Andrew's mom,


"Thank you for being so patient with my kids. They've learned so much from you, and they really enjoyed their lessons. In our new place we already changed two teachers - still not happy. We will keep trying, but it's not easy to find somebody matching your level of professionalism and talent. Wish you the best, and thank you again for being such a wonderful teacher."


Boston, MA

"Very lucky to be taught by Elina. It is a real joy to learn from her. She is so knowledgeable and well-versed that everything she says is immediately absorbable and worthwhile. She beautifully demonstrates how it could be done on piano. Her performance is amazing, her purview is unbelievable, and sense of humor is fantastic. She actually cares about your life outside of her studio. She does everything from the depth of her heart - she is not only a unique teacher but she is a unique person. Thank you, thank you, thank you... ."


Erie, PA

"Great teacher! Very positive and encouraging. Incorporates breathing, the soul in music. Makes you believe in yourself, be more positive, gets the best out of you. "


"She always finds the easiest way to solve any problem. Very intelligent, humorous, and passionate. She is a fantastic teacher."


Erie, PA

"Best teacher! Always excited about material. She infects you with the love of music. I feel myself growing, understanding deeper and wider not only in music... ."


Baltimore, MD

"It is not so easy to find a good piano teacher. I was looking for a teacher with the highest skills who will be willing to teach the beginners. I've done serious researches online and my choice came to BPA. Elina, the teacher of BPA, is a really what I wanted for my daughter. I am planning to start lessons myself too."


Baltimore, MD

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