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"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything".


Hello, my name is Elina Nostrant. I am an owner and a teacher of Baltimore Piano Academy. Thank you for visiting my website and taking a few minutes to share in my love for music.

I am a professional pianist and a teacher by education and mission. I was born in Baku, USSR to highly educated parents. The music was the soul and the air of our family, it would fill our daily life. I was not just studying the music - I lived in it.

I was fortunate to study music from the best teachers, talented, and renowned musicians. Among them were, as I previously mentioned. my mother, talented, and highly inspired musician, Director of Music School for Children, and Professor Gregory Khachaturov, a talented and highly professional musician.

I started my music education by going to the Music School for Children in Baku, USSR where I studied piano, music theory, music history, ensemble, and chorus according to the Classical Style of music education. After graduating the Music School for Children and a Music College par excellence I was accepted to a prestigious State Conservatory in Baku, USSR where I earned a Masters of Music, sum cum laude, in Piano Performance and Pedagogy.

Upon completing my formal education I continued to perform and at the same time obtained a position as an accompanist and teacher at the GITIS in Moscow, USSR working on Opera Productions. After moving to the United States I was still performing and also started to work as a piano teacher and an accompanist at the D'Angelo School of Music of Mercyhurst College, Neighborhood Art House where I was the coordinator of the music department and founded as well my very own Classical School of Music in Erie, Pennsylvania.

 I am fiercely dedicated to my students and I am honoured to report that the majority of them regularly participated in a variety of recitals, auditions, and are first prize winners of city-wide competitions. Throughout the years I have been a member of various professional organizations including the Music Teachers National Association, Maryland Music Teachers Association, Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association, American College of Musicians, Erie Music Teacher's Association, Royal Conservatory of Music, in order to maintain my musical education and keep up to date with the latest research. 

About my family:

My father was a brilliant engineer and professor at the Polytechnic's Institute. In addition to my father's professional career he was also an athlete and a talented musician. He played several instruments and even had his own non professional orchestra.

My mother, Master of Music in Piano Performance and Pedagogy, gifted pianist, and successful Director of a Music School  was my first piano instructor and still my mentor and an adviser throughout my musical career.

My goal is to share my skills and my talent with the new learners of piano.

I look forward to meeting fellow piano enthusiasts tospread the JOY of PIANO PLAYING to new students. 

Ms. Elina is a truly exceptional teacher. Her patience and passion serve the students well. We feel lucky to have found her these many years ago!

Annastasia, Max & Zophia's Mother

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