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"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. 

Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents." – 

Ludwig van Beethoven

The Highest Quality Private Piano Lessons/Instructions

Baltimore Piano Academy is your Best Choice of the highest quality private piano lessons/instructions based on unique individualities of every student, and fundamental knowledge of professional piano playing. Elina Nostrant, the teacher and an owner of BPA, invites eager students of all ages and levels to come, and start learning piano, or to continue improve their skills with BPA.

 Lessons are held once a week for a half hour.

Students will be prepared to participate in various performance activities such as recitals, auditions, competitions, etc. All such an activities are strictly voluntary.

Private Piano Lessons: ages (5 - Adult)

from beginners to advanced.

Instructor: Elina Nostrant M.M.

Master of Music degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy

Member of

Music Teachers National Association,

Maryland State Music Teachers Association,

Music Teachers Association of Greater Baltimore,

Member of The National Guild of Piano Teachers 

Languages Spoken : English, Russian

30 years of teaching and performance experience. scored 142 Piano Lessons in Baltimore, MD and Picked the Top 6

#1 is Baltimore Piano Academy

Baltimore Piano Academy is a piano learning center in Parkville. Students of all ages and playing experience can take 30-minute piano lessons once a week and prepare for voluntary participation in performances, auditions, competitions, and recitals. The instructor customizes lessons to the goals, interests, age, level, and musical preferences of each student and incorporates a fun and engaging approach for optimal results. The school promotes musical learning for improved academic per the recommendation of The College Board as well as for a greater appreciation and awareness of life. The owner and teacher received her Masters of Music in Performance and Pedagogy /Piano Major from the State Conservatory in Baku, USSR and today is a member of a number of associations including the Music Teachers National Association, the Maryland Music Teachers Association, and the American College of Musicians.

Why Choosing Baltimore Piano Academy

     The Baltimore Piano Academy provides the highest quality of private piano instruction to their students. The goal of BPA is not only to teach their students to play piano but through the skills of piano playing to recognize beauty, to be kind, intelligent, spiritually rich, and to be a better human being and fill our society with culture, morals of the highest calibre, inspiration, and love.

     BPA base the teaching process strictly on individual needs. Every student is being provided with a different type and/or style of instruction according to their age, character, interests, and knowledge base. Musical preferences are incorporated into lessons because students are more likely to practice the music that truly inspires them.

BPA provides a solid foundation in piano technique and musicianship so that students are empowered to explore any kind of music. Igniting the imagination of students, and providing them with the tools to realize their highest potential is the basis of our teaching process which is absolutely different with each student because we are all unique.

Here at the Baltimore Piano Academy we are making the learning process an interesting and enjoyable experience for both student and teacher. BPA provides a friendly and comfortable atmosphere where teacher and student alike are partners in the learning process. Together they make music come alive from the script and find the best and easiest way to do so.

Location: Parkville, MD 21234

Phone: (443)793 7349 please, text or call

contact via email at

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